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Welcome to Numerical Reasoning Tutor

This is the home of the best tests and numerical reasoning tutors. Our expert service is here to help you prepare for and pass your numerical reasoning test for graduate schemes and other jobs that require you to pass this type of aptitude test. Whether you are looking for a civil service numerical reasoning test or an expert numerical reasoning tutor for the KPMG maths test, we can help!

Introduction to Numerical Reasoning Tutor

As the best rated test and tuition provider in the UK, we ensure that the tests we provide are updated regularly and are relevant to each job type. Whether you are preparing for the KPMG graduate scheme job or the numerical reasoning test for ALDI, you will be able to find the help you are looking for. We also help those searching for civil service numerical reasoning tests, as our tests are designed for these types of graduate entry jobs as well.

Many people find the aptitude tests tricky but the numerical reasoning tests are more often the one that most people are fearful of and find most difficult. Whether you are a strong mathematician or not, you will need to practice your numerical reasoning in order to get use to the exam format and style of question. These maths psychometric tests are tricky but Numerical Reasoning Tutor is here to help you pass. Have a go at our numerical reasoning test practice today.

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At Numerical Reasoning Tutor we are here to help you prepare effectively; whether that is just with the provision of practice tests or you want the help of an expert numerical reasoning tutor as well.

Our numerical reasoning tutors are experienced in each of the different test areas and will be able to share with you some quick tricks and methods to help you to answer even the most difficult questions. As well as help with the content, the tutors will also help with the strategy of the exams as in some cases they are designed to catch people who try to answer all the questions within the time limit without skipping any. If you are looking for a numerical reasoning tutor, contact us, whether it is the SHL numerical test or a specific grad scheme you are preparing for, we are here to help.


The numerical reasoning test examples contain a number of different topic areas; however the tests do change from employer to employer so make sure you check what type of numerical reasoning test you are taking and what it contains by either reading through our site or dropping us an email. The common topics are listed below and are covered by our numerical reasoning test practice questions in each test.


The following employers and graduate schemes are just a selection of the many employers who decide to use numerical reasoning tests as part of their selection process.


They are practice aptitude tests that many employers use as part of their selection process for a particular role. The role in question may require a certain level of mathematical ability which the numerical reasoning exams test, but also certain graduate scheme jobs have too many applications and this is one way to narrow the selection down.

There are different resource providers out there but we believe Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests offer the best numerical reasoning practice tests.

The pass mark for each numerical test varies depending on the job or graduate scheme applied for. For example, it is reported that the pass mark for the KPMG graduate scheme is really high around 75%, whereas the pass mark for other graduate schemes may not be as high.

Numerical Reasoning Tutor is able to provide tuition during weekday mornings, weekday evenings and even weekends.

Numerical Reasoning Tutor has an array of practice tests, question sheets and video solutions for numerical reasoning tests. Do not forget, Numerical Reasoning Tutor also provides private tuition, delivered by numerical reasoning expert tutors. Try our free online practice test today.

They are reasonably tricky but it is like anything with a lot of practice and the right support they become easier. Those with a mathematical background are at an advantage but even so will have to get use to the format of the tests and the timing aspect of it.

We have numerical reasoning tutors who help people prepare for their graduate jobs, NHS nurse tests, the Army Maths tests and all of the different professional careers which require you to first pass a numerical aptitude test.

This will vary from individual to individual and will depend on how rusty your Maths skills are and how high the pass mark is for the specific graduate scheme or job you are applying to. Most people will need to practise for their exam by going through many numerical reasoning tests online. Others may require a numerical reasoning test tutor to help learn the correct methods for the different types of questions that come up.

Numerical Reasoning Tutor has an excellent pass rate for graduates taking their employers graduate scheme numerical reasoning test first time. This is due to the hard work of the graduates and the dedication of our expert numerical reasoning tutors.

Numerical Reasoning Tutor is able to provide private tuition to all areas of the UK.


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