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Barclays Numerical Reasoning Tests

There is no better place to prepare for the Barclays graduate scheme than Numerical Reasoning Tutor; we have helped numerous applicants with the Barclay’s numerical reasoning, aptitude and psychometric tests.  We offer exceptional numerical reasoning tuition and market leading numerical reasoning practice tests. We have everything you need in order to pass these tests.

The Barclays numerical reasoning test is very challenging. In order to pass on to the next level of the graduate scheme application you must pass the psychometric  tests first time, which is why it is essential that you ensure you have revised for them and are fully prepared for when you sit them. The Barclays aptitude maths test involves multiple maths topics, complex data interpretation and the use of quick percentage calculations. You have to develop efficient methods for solving each of the questions that are presented. There is no better way to prepare for these tests than to sit our free numerical reasoning practice tests. We really can only emphasise that you get one shot at these tests; therefore to give yourself the best chance at passing, try our numerical reasoning resources today.

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Barclays Numerical Reasoning Tutors

At Numerical Reasoning Tutor we offer the best tuition for the Barclays numerical reasoning test. All of our specialist tutors work full time providing one to one tuition for these tests and have exceptional pass rates. Our tutors have prior experience and an in-depth knowledge of the Barclays maths test, which means they are in the best position to be able to help you pass. A standard GCSE or A Level Maths tutor may know the maths, but they do not work day in day out tutoring for the numerical reasoning test. After a small number of lessons, we find that applicants make excellent progress, with almost all of them passing their online and assessment centre aptitude test. We put this down to the how well our numerical reasoning test tutors prepare the applicants and this is why we are the number 1 provider of numerical reasoning tests and tuition in the country.

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About the Barclays Partnership Graduate Scheme and Psychometric Tests

Barclays has graduate schemes in Marketing, Banking, Finance and HR. The Barclays graduate scheme is one of the most competitive schemes within the Times Top 100 graduate employers. Below you will find a short description of the application process you will go through during the graduate scheme application.

Stage 1: Barclays Online Application Form and Skill Tests
You will be required to complete an online form, stating which role your skills and ambitions best suit. From there, you will sit an online numerical and situational judgements skills test.

Stage 2: Business insight stage 1
You will be invited to attend the Barclays Business School, where you will be immersed into a realistic but fictitious business scenario. This will help you understand the business environment you will be working in. You will receive feedback following this stage of the application.

Stage 3: Business insight stage 2
You will then be tested in the business environment tailored to the specific role you are applying for. You will be given tasks to complete and from that you will be asked relative questions.

Stage 4: Barclays Business Meeting
This will be a high intensity, immersive challenge relating to your area of the business. This is designed to not only test you, but to enable you to be ready to dive right into your role.

Stage 5: Offer or Feedback
You will either be given an offer to begin your role with Barclays, or you will be given a detailed feedback form of how you have performed.


The Barclays numerical reasoning tests are practice aptitude tests that Barclays use as part of their graduate scheme application process. These numerical reasoning tests are used to narrow down the number of Barclays graduate applicants, to meet a certain level of numerical ability. The Barclays numerical reasoning tests include a number of questions that relate to life like situations, where you will have to calculate percentages and fractions.

Numerical Reasoning Practice Tutor has a track record of helping graduates get onto the Barclays graduate scheme, we offer market leading online practice tests, detailed answer sheets and video solutions.

The pass mark for the Barclays numerical reasoning test varies depending on the specific job you have applied for. The Barclays numerical reasoning test pass mark can be as high as 80%. This is why it is vital that you prepare sufficiently.

The Barclays aptitude tests are difficult, whether you have a mathematical background or not, the format of the tests and the timing aspect of it will be challenging to anyone. We advise that you revise the appropriate amount to ensure you pass.

We have expert numerical reasoning tutors who deliver tuition specifically for the Barclays numerical reasoning test during evenings and weekends, to suit graduate applicants schedules. Contact us today to organise yourself a Barclays numerical reasoning tutor.

This will vary from individual to individual and will depend on how rusty your Maths skills are. A lot of people will find online practice tests their favourable method or revising for the test, others will favour private tuition. Thankfully Numerical Reasoning Tutor offers both of these options. We have found the most effect way to suitable prepare for the Barclays numerical reasoning test is to combine both use of the resources and use of our expert tutors.


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