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KPMG Numerical Reasoning Tests

If you are preparing for your KPMG graduate scheme assessment centre or online tests then you are in the right place. We help graduates across the country prepare for the KPMG numerical reasoning test. From tuition to exceptional numerical reasoning tests, we have all the resources and expertise you will need to effectively prepare.

The KPMG Numerical reasoning tests are quite tricky. They contain multiple maths topics and are one of the more difficult psychometric tests that you have to pass in order to progress with the next stage of the KPMG job application. From complex data interpretation to quick percentage calculations, you have to develop efficient methods for solving each of the questions that are presented. The KPMG numerical reasoning test is something that you should revise for and what better way to revise than have a go at out free maths tests that are in a similar format as the exam. If you are preparing for the KPMG aptitude tests then give yourself the best chance of passing and use our numerical reasoning practice tests today.

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KPMG Numerical Reasoning Test Tutors

At NRT we are the first professional team of maths tutors to specialise in helping people prepare for and pass numerical reasoning tests. Our tutors have experience and an in depth knowledge of the KPMG maths test which means they are in a much better position to help you pass in comparison to a standard GCSE or A Level Maths tutor. Once you know the tricks of the test and what pitfalls to avoid, it starts to become much easier. Within a few lessons we find that everyone who uses one of our expert numerical reasoning tutors makes excellent progress and the vast majority go on to pass their next attempt. This is why we are the number 1 provider of numerical reasoning tests and tuition.

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About the KPMG Graduate Scheme and Application Process

The KPMG graduate scheme is one of the most competitive schemes within the Times Top 100 graduate employers. KPMG has graduate schemes in audit, consulting, business services, tax and pensions and technology. The application process to become part of the KPMG team is as follows.
The application process to become part of the ALDI team is as follows:

Stage 1: KPMG Online Application Form

You will be required to complete a form without the need to upload a CV.

Stage 2: Situational Judgement Test

After submitting your application form you will be invited to take a Situational Judgement Test within one working day. This will need to be completed within a week but is usually quite straight forward and is just testing how you would react to typical situations that may occur whilst working with KPMG.

Stage 3: Online Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Tests

After the situational judgement test you will be asked to complete the numerical reasoning test. Like our numerical reasoning practice tests, they are 20 minutes long. In addition to the maths test you will also be required to take a verbal reasoning test which in general people tend to find less challenging.

Stage 4: Audio Submission

This part of the application process requires you to submit a short audio file where you are expected to demonstrate your enthusiasm and ambition for the type of work you will be undertaking at KPMG.

Stage 5: KPMG Assessment Centre

If your KPMG application is successful you will be invited to what they call a Launch Pad event which is effectively and assessment centre day where you will be assessed on a number of key business competencies during group exercises and interviews.


The KPMG numerical reasoning test is unlike any maths test you will have sat before. The KPMG numerical reasoning test consists of questions about life like data interpretation. This numerical reasoning test is used as part of the KPMG graduate scheme application process, it is used to narrow down graduate applications so that their mathematical ability meets with KPMG’s criteria.

There are online practice tests, designed with the real test in mind. The practice tests that Numerical Reasoning Tutor provides have the most up to date questions and are presented in the actual exams format. These tests are accompanied with detailed answer sheets and video solutions for the different question types. Another resource you could choose to use is a private tutor. Numerical Reasoning Tutor provides expert tutors, who have assisted the passing of the Boots numerical reasoning tests plenty of time in the past.

The pass mark for the KPMG numerical reasoning test varies dependant on which specific role within KPMG you have applied for, as each individual role within KPMG has its own numerical reasoning test. It has been documented that pass marks have been as high as 80% for certain tests. This is why is is crucial that you ensure you have revised a sufficient amount.

There are a range of psychometric tests that you will be asked to do depending on which job role you apply for these may include: numerical reasoning test, personality style tests, situational tests and a verbal reasoning test. These tests are initially sat online but are often repeated at the KPMG assessment centre so make sure you are confident with them.

Firstly it is important to acknowledge that these tests are different to any maths test you will have previously sat. They include life like data interpretation and complex fractions. The difficulty of the test is really dependant on the individual that is sitting it. Someone who has a past of a strong mathematical ability is likely to fair better than someone who does not. With the correct revision and preparation, these tests are passable.

At Numerical Reasoning Tutor, we provide expert private tutors who have a track record of helping graduate applicants pass the KPMG numerical reasoning test. Our tutors have an in depth knowledge of these tests and so are best placed to help you pass. If you would like to book a private tutor for the KPMG numerical reasoning test, contact us today.

For some people, the use of online practice test will be sufficient to pass these tests. It is dependant on the mathematical ability of the graduate applicant that is sitting the test however. Other graduates will benefit from private tuition. Here at Numerical Reasoning Tutor we offer the very best online practice tests and private tutors. Is has been found that the most effective way of preparing for the KPMG numerical reasoning test is by making use of the practice tests, alongside the use of a private tutor.

For many graduates the KPMG numerical reasoning test is tricky and for many it is the hurdle which they struggle to overcome and therefore never make it past the aptitude test part of the KPMG application process.


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