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Rolls Royce Numerical Reasoning Tests

If you have recently applied for one of the many Rolls Royce graduate schemes and are due to sit your numerical reasoning test, you have come to the right place. Numerical Reasoning Tutor offers excellent practice tests and private tuition. If you are motivated and determined to work for Rolls Royce, we have all of the resources and expertise you will need to pass these aptitude tests.

Once you have submitted your online application form you will need to be prepared to sit an online numerical reasoning test. The Rolls Royce numerical reasoning test is challenging and is certainly one that you should revise and prepare for. This test includes graphical analysis and requires the ability to interpret complex data. Numerical Reasoning Tutor offers Rolls Royce graduate scheme applicants access to our free online practice numerical reasoning tests and have access to all of our 10 online practice tests. Our online practice tests include topics that have appeared in the Rolls Royce numerical reasoning test, giving you the best possible platform to revise. You can take the tests as many time as you like, as well as taking advantage of our detailed answer sheets and video solutions for each and every question type. Try our free online practice test today.

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Rolls Royce Numerical Reasoning Tutors

The most effective way to sufficiently prepare for the Rolls Royce online assessments is to take advantage of our expert numerical reasoning tutors. At Numerical Reasoning Tutor we provide private tuition, delivered by numerical reasoning test experts. Our tutors deliver tuition to many graduate applicants a week and have years of experience tutoring specifically for these tests. This is why they are the best available tutors to help you pass the three online numerical reasoning, psychometric and situational Rolls Royce tests. The experts at Numerical Reasoning Tutor help you prepare for every possible question, using their in depth knowledge of the question types and their previous experience of what questions are the most challenging for graduates. If you would like to book an expert numerical reasoning tutor, contact us today.

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About the Rolls Royce Graduate Scheme and Application Process

Rolls Royce has graduate schemes in engineering, H.R, customer service, digital technology solutions and manufacturing. If you are applying to the Rolls Royce graduate scheme, you will need to be aware of the detailed application process. The application process to join one of the most competitive graduate schemes in the UK is as follows:

Stage 1: Rolls Royce Online Application Form

You will be required to complete a form and attach a copy of your CV and covering letter.

Stage 2: Online Assessments

After you have submitted your application you will have 10 working days to complete 3 online assessments. These include a numerical reasoning, situational and psychometric test. Like our numerical reasoning practice tests, they are 20 minutes long. This is where our practice tests will come in very handy.

Stage 3: Rolls Royce Assessment Centre

If you have passed all 3 online assessments, you will be invited to attend an assessment centre day. The day will include a motivation assessment, a technical interview with a member of management from the area of the business you have applied to work in and finally a group exercise. This is also an excellent opportunity to network with current and potential Rolls Royce employees.

Stage 4: The decision

If you have been successful, you will be notified within 48 hours and directed to the next stage. If you have not been successful, you will be entitled to feedback and when the next opportunity to apply is.


Numerical reasoning tests are used by many graduate employers, including Rolls Royce to help differentiate between candidates. The reasons they use this and other aptitude tests is to arrow down their graduate selection. They choose to do it this way as they have so many applicants it is a quick and easy way to significantly reduce the number of people who move onto the next stage of the application process.

There are books and revision materials for the Rolls Royce numerical reasoning test but the best practise by far is using actual numerical reasoning tests like we have on our site. This is because they include questions and question types that have previously come up on actual tests.

This is very much dependant on which of the Rolls Royce graduate scheme roles you have applied for. It has been known that certain Rolls Royce graduate schemes numerical reasoning tests have had pass rates as high as 70%. This is why it is crucial that you sufficiently prepare for them.

This is very much dependant on the individual. Some people prefer the use of online resources, whereas others prefer the more practical side of tuition. Numerical Reasoning Tutor has found that graduates that use both the online resources and the private tuition have significantly higher pass rates.

Having a strong background in maths will certainly be in your favour, when you sit the Rolls Royce numerical reasoning test. However the layout of the test brings its only difficulties, that people who have an excellent background of maths, have struggled with before.

Numerical Reasoning Tutor can provide expert tutors for these tests during the week, on weekday evenings and even at the weekend. We understand that graduates are busy people, so we have tutors available to match.

Absolutely, if you will out the online enquiry form, we will arrange this for you.

We have a number of full time expert numerical reasoning tutors, who will be able to find you in at a time suitable to you.


Send us a message using the form below and we’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours.