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Santander Numerical Reasoning Tests

If you are a graduate looking to work for Santander and have looked at or are considering applying for one of the Santander graduate scheme roles, you have come to the right place. Numerical Reasoning Tutor offers expert private tutors and exceptional online practice tests. If you are driven and see yourself working at Santander, we have all of the resources and expertise you will need to pass these tests.

If you have passed the initial application form stage, you will need to be fully prepared to sit the Santander online assessments. These assessments consist of a numerical reasoning test, aptitude test and psychometric test. These tests are certainly ones that you should revise for, the test is challenging and will involve mathematical scenarios you will not have come across at GCSE or A-Level. These tests includes complex data interpretation and quick percentage calculations. If you are applying or thinking of applying to one of the Santander graduate schemes, you will firstly want to sit the Numerical Reasoning Tutor free online practice tests. Register to be able to access all 11 of the free online practice tests. These tests are designed with graduates in mind. The practice tests include topics and questions that are similar to those that have previously been placed in the graduate numerical reasoning tests. You have access to the tests for up to 3 months and can therefore sit any of the tests as many times as you like. The 10 practice tests are accompanied by detailed answer sheets and video solutions for every question type. What better way to prepare for your Santander numerical reasoning test, than to try our free practice test today.

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Santander Numerical Reasoning Tutors

The Santander numerical reasoning test is one of the most challenging graduate scheme online assessments. One of the most sensible ways to ensure you are in the best possible position to pass, is by hiring a private tutor. Numerical Reasoning Tutor provides expert tutors for the numerical reasoning, psychometric and aptitude tests. The tutors that Numerical Reasoning Tutor provide are specialists, who have a track record of helping graduates pass these tests and have been handpicked by Numerical Reasoning Tutor for their excellent knowledge of the field. Our tutors work full time delivering tuition to 20 plus graduates a week and have an in depth knowledge of every aspect of the numerical reasoning test. The private tutor will run through, step by step, every question type that has potential to come up in the test, ensuring that the graduate is fully prepared for every question. If you would like to book one of our expert numerical reasoning test tutor, contact us today.

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About the Santander Graduate Scheme and Application Process

Santander has graduate schemes in consultancy, auditing, corporate and commercial banking, retail and business banking and finally H.R. In order to be successfully offered a role with Santander, you will need to be aware of the application process. The application process to join Santander, one of the most competitive graduate schemes in the UK is as follows:

Stage 1: Santander Online Application Form

You will be required to complete an online application form and attach a copy of your CV and covering letter. This will be checked for accuracy, so it is important that you ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

Stage 2: Online Assessments

If your initial application has been taken to the next stage, you will be sent a link to complete a number of online assessments. These are the Santander numerical reasoning, psychometric and aptitude tests that you will have revised for using our resources.

Stage 3: Telephone interview

If you have passed the previous stages, you will be invited to hold a telephone interview with a member of Santander’s resourcing team, where you will discuss the role you have applied for.

Stage 4: Short-listing

If your application process has been successful at every previous stage you will be put forward for short-listing. You will be invited to attend either an in person interview or an assessment day, the assessment day will will test your competencies.

Stage 5: The Offer

If you have been successful you will be offered a verbal offer of employment for the role you have applied for. This is subject to a credit, fraud and referencing check.


Numerical reasoning tests are used by many graduate employers, including Santander to help differentiate between candidates. The reasons Barclays use this and other aptitude tests is to arrow down their graduate selection. They choose to do it this way as they have so many applicants it is a quick and easy way to significantly reduce the number of people who move onto the next stage of the application process.

There are books and revision materials for the Santander numerical reasoning test but the best practise by far is using actual numerical reasoning tests like we have on our site.

The pass mark for each numerical test varies depending on the job or graduate scheme applied for. For example, it is reported that the pass mark for the Santander graduate scheme is really high around 75%, whereas the pass mark for other graduate schemes may not be as high.

This is very much dependant on the individual. Some graduates prefer to use just the online practice tests, whereas others prefer to hire an expert tutor. Numerical Reasoning Tutor has found that the most effective way to prepare for the Santander numerical reasoning test is to take advantage of both the online resources and the use of a private tutor. If you would like to try our free online practice test or book an expert numerical reasoning tutor, contact Numerical Reasoning Tutor today.

Numeracical Skills Tutor provides the most up to date numerical skills practice tests. Our tests are updated weekly by applicants that have sat the actual tests. We do this so that our online practice tests are the best and must reliable on the web.

The Santander numerical reasoning test is considered to be quite difficult. You will have to pass the online test before sitting another maths test at the assessment centre if you get there.

Yes we have expert numerical reasoning tutors who can help you with all aspects of your Santander numerical reasoning practice. With expertise in this test they have better experience than any standard GCSE or A Level maths tutor.

This all depends on how confident you are with maths and how much practice you put in. Most people will need to practice quite a few tests to get use to the format of the Santander numerical reasoning test and to familiarise yourself with the types of data questions that are presented. If you aren’t as confident with maths then you may decide to opt for a professional numerical reasoning tutor to help you pass.

Numerical Reasoning Tutor is able to provide excellent numerical reasoning expert tutors during weekdays, weekday evenings and even on weekends. Book a tutor today.

As far as numerical reasoning tests go, yes the Santander numerical reasoning test is one of the most challenging. Naturally, with Santander being one of the largest Banks in the UK, the receive thousands of applications every year for jobs and graduate roles. This should not put you off however, if you practice hard for their numerical reasoning test, using our resources, we are sure that you will do well.


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