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Sky Numerical Reasoning Tests

If you have applied for one of the Sky graduate scheme and submitted your online application, you will be due to sit their online assessments soon. The Sky online assessments will consist of numerical reasoning, aptitude and psychometric tests; this is dependent on the individual graduate scheme you have applied for as some of the tests are designed specifically for different roles. We have helped many people pass the Sky numerical reasoning test and we can also provide guidance on the other aptitude tests that you may have to sit as part of the assessment journey.

After the initial online application form, you will be notified of when you will need to complete the numerical reasoning and other psychometric tests. These tests consist of a number of questions with a wide range of topics that all centre on being able to analyse and interpret data in a time effective manner. Sky uses these tests to help narrow down their selection of people that they invite to interview. Because the Sky graduate schemes are so popular with top graduates they have the luxury of being able to reject applicants for the minor errors or low marks in their numerical reasoning test as the pool of talent they are selecting from is so large. You therefore have to ensure that you complete the sky online application diligently and then give your all once you get onto the psychometric tests. As part of giving yourself the best chance possible, practising the numerical reasoning test over and over again is essential. This is why we have developed exceptional numerical reasoning practice tests along with video solutions and model answers to help you prepare in the best way possible. Using the practice tests and revision materials should help you to get us to the types of questions you will see in your online exam and give you the confidence to go and pass it. With Numerical Reasoning Tutor you can succeed.

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Sky Numerical Reasoning Tutors

If you are looking for more support to help you pass the Sky numerical reasoning test then you are in the right place. At Numerical Reasoning Tutor we are the only service in the UK that specialises in offering tuition specifically for this test. This isn’t just tuition from a GCSE or A Level Maths tutor it is tuition form someone who knows the tests inside out and has the experience required to help you pass. Our Numerical Reasoning Tutors are all experienced and qualified and know the difficulties people face when trying to pass these tests. The tuition is always one to one and tailored to exactly your needs. Whether it is calculating percentage change, profit margins or graph analysis you struggle with, our tutors will make sure they address the areas of the numerical reasoning test you find most difficult and the questions you keep getting wrong and they will help you to develop methods to overcome them within the time constraints of the exam. If are looking for help to pass your Sky numerical reasoning test then contact Numerical Reasoning Tutor today and we will happily help you to prepare and pass your test.

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About the Sky Graduate Scheme and Application Process

About the Sky Graduate Scheme and Application Process

The Sky graduate scheme is very popular and is rated as one of the best graduate employers to work for. Sky has graduate schemes in software engineering, technology business and finance programmes that you would usually associate with banking.

Stage 1: Online Application Form

You will be required to complete the Sky online application form, where you will have to enter all of the details from your CV into their online form. You have to select which graduate scheme you want to apply for right at this early stage so make sure you know which path you want to go down.

Stage 2: Online Psychometric tests

Upon completion of your online application form you will have to sit the Sky psychometric tests including the numerical reasoning test.

Stage 3: Sky Assessment Centre’s

If you are successful in passing your psychometric tests then your application will be reviewed and you may be invited to the Sky assessment centre. Depending on which path you decided to take within the business will determine the structure of the assessment centre you attend. As a general rule the assessment centres will be composed of group exercises where you will be assessed, interviews and competency based exercises that lend themselves to the role you are applying for.


Sky use a numerical reasoning tests as part of their selection process for their graduate scheme roles because they may require a certain level of mathematical ability which the numerical reasoning exams test, but also as Sky is one of the largest employers in the UK, certain graduate scheme jobs have too many applications and this is one way to narrow the selection down.

There are a number of different resource available out there, but we believe Numerical Reasoning Tutor offers the best numerical reasoning practice tests and the best expert tutors.

Sky is one of the largest employers in the country. Therefore, they receive thousands of job applications a year, especially by graduates. The numerical reasoning test are a way of narrowing down the elite applicants, so that Sky has the option to choose between the very best they have available. This is why it is so important to revise for the numerical reasoning test, as your score on the test can set you apart from other applicants.

Numerical Reasoning Tutor advises that people prioritises the use of practice tests and private tuition during the preparation for the Sky numerical reasoning test as these methods of revision have been known to help graduates far greater than a book.

There is no straight answer to this. It is very much dependant on the applicants individual mathematical ability. If you have a strong track record of high achieving in maths, then it is more than likely that you will find the test less challenging. However, this does not mean you should take the test likely. It is set out completely differently to anything you will have sat before and the time constraints are very strict.

We have numerical reasoning expert tutors who help people prepare for their graduate jobs. They specialise in these test and have extensive knowledge of how best to pass them.

This will vary from individual to individual and will depend on how rusty your Maths skills are. Most people will need to practise for their exam by going through many numerical reasoning tests online. Others may require a numerical reasoning expert test tutor to help learn the correct methods for the different types of questions that come up. Numerical Reasoning Tutor has found that the most effective way of preparing for the test and the method that has the highest pass rate, is to combine both the use of online practice test and a private, expert numerical reasoning tutor.

It is rather dependant on the individual graduate scheme or role within Sky that you are applying for, naturally a more popular graduate scheme within Sky is likely to have a higher pass mark, for you to be considered for the next stage of the application process. The tests themselves are not likely to be more difficult than that of another companies.


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