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Unilever Numerical Reasoning Tests

If you are applying for or thinking of applying for one of the Unilever graduate schemes, you will need to know all about the numerical reasoning test. You will face many psychometric tests during the different stages of the application process. We help graduates from all over the country prepare for the Unilever numerical reasoning test as these tend to be the aptitude test that most people struggle with especially if they haven’t got a mathematical background.

During the Unilever graduate application process, you are required to sit a numerical reasoning test. Numerical Reasoning Tutor offers all graduates access to 11 completely free numerical reasoning practice tests, that are in a very similar format as the actual test that they will be sitting. Our testing packages allow you access to 11 free online practice papers and detailed answer sheets along with video solutions to help you understand where you are going wrong. By testing your numerical capability, Unilever can narrow down their selection of graduates who will then be invited to assessment centres. If you think about getting your friends to pass the test for you online, don’t do it. The chances are you will get another numerical reasoning test during the assessment day and if you haven’t prepared for the first one, you won’t pass the second one. Passing your numerical reasoning test both online and at the assessment centre is a crucial part of helping you get that job offer. With any test it is important you revise using the very best revision materials which is why at Numerical Reasoning Tutor we have focused on delivering the most effective practice tests available online.

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Unilever Numerical Reasoning Tutors

Along with numerical reasoning practice tests, one of the most effective ways to ensure you are in a suitable position to pass the tests is by using a numerical tutor with expertise in the Unilever tests. The numerical reasoning tutors we provide are experts. They deliver private tuition specifically for these tests, all year round ensuring they know what is required to pass but also the tricks and tips that are so useful especially in the stressful exam format when the clock is ticking. This is why we are the number one provider of numerical reasoning tests and tuition in the UK. If you are preparing for the Unilever numerical reasoning test and would like to book a numerical reasoning tutor, contact us today and we be happy to help you pass your online exam.

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About the Unilever Graduate Scheme and Application Process

The Unilever graduate scheme is one of the most competitive schemes for graduates to apply to with thousands of applications every year. Unilever has graduate schemes in many areas throughout their international business. From Lynx to Dove to Hellmann’s Mayonnaise a job working with the best known brands is the reward at the end of this gruelling process.

Stage 1: Online Application Form

You will be required to complete an online application form where you submit your personal, work and educational information for review.

Stage 2: Psychometric Tests

Your application form will be reviewed and if you meet the requirements you will be invited to sit a series of psychometric tests including the dreaded numerical reasoning test.

Stage 3: Digital or Phone Interview

If you progress past your numerical reasoning and aptitude tests you may be invited to a phone or online interview.

Stage 4: Assessment Centre Day

If you have been successful at all the previous stages, you will be invited to attend the Unilever assessment days which include interviews, group assessments and more aptitude tests. You will also be taken through a series of competency based exercises.


They are practice aptitude tests that many employers use as part of their selection process for a particular role. The particular role that you have applied for at Unilever may require a certain level of mathematical capability. Unilever is one of the worlds largest companies, so naturally it receives thousands of applications a year, which is why they use the numerical reasoning tests, to narrow down their perspective employees. This is where you will be able to make yourself stand out from the crowd, by scoring highly on the test.

Some graduates prefer the use of online practice tests. Online practice tests give the best idea of the type of questions you will face in the real test, they also give you experience of the time in which you have to sit the test. Other graduates prefer the use of a private tutor. Numerical Reasoning Tutor offers both excellent online practice tests and expert private tutors.Our resources are the best on the market and our private tutors work full time specifically to help graduates pass these tests.

Firstly, the pass mark is very much dependant on the role you have applied for as certain roles within Unilever have higher pass marks for their numerical reasoning tests. If you allow yourself a good amount of time to prepare for the test, there is no reason why you should be concerned.

Numerical Reasoning Tutor is able to provide tutors for weekdays. weekday evenings and even weekends. Book a tutor today.

These tests are designed to pose as a challenge for graduate applicants, that is why Unilever has chosen to use them. They include a number of questions relating to real life situations, including complex data interpretation and graphs.

Numerical Reasoning Tutor is able to provide tuition to graduates on weekdays, weekday evenings and even weekends. We have a number of dedicated tutors who work full time specifically for these tests.

This will vary from individual to individual and will depend on how rusty your Maths skills are and how high the pass mark is for the specific Unilever graduate scheme job you are applying to. Most people will need to practise for their exam by going through many numerical reasoning tests online. Others may require a numerical reasoning test tutor to help learn the correct methods for the different types of questions that come up.

There is no guarantee, but if you put in enough hard work and use our resources effectively, you will stand in good stead to pass.


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