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Entry Level 3 Maths

Everyone deserves a chance to gain qualifications, and we at Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests want to help them. Age, background or ability in mathematics is something that we do not look at in terms of who we assist. To acquire the functional skills maths qualifications, some may need to study the entry level 3 maths. We will be supporting them throughout the process including teachers and tutors that will be utilizing our resources to teach.


There are many materials that you can use in your entry level 3 maths revision but the one we recommend covers everything you need to learn. Topics like Temperature to Weight are presented in a table so that it can be easily navigated. Useful revision notes, practice questions and model solutions can be found within each topic page. And to make this tool even more valuable, there are worksheet questions available to students with the mark scheme answers. These serve as great practice papers as they are examples of what problems you may encounter in your exams. Being able to check yourself with the mark scheme answers provided is another big benefit. It allows you to check how strong your knowledge is when it comes to certain topics and how weak you may be in others. 

These specific revision resources may eventually be exhausted, but that is when the entry level past papers come in handy. They give students problems that are similar to what may be found in the actual exams. Doing these papers in your own time is a great way to familiarize and study, as they also have the mark scheme answers to see if you are ready to book the entry level 3 exam or not. Looking beyond that, is the functional skills level 1. You can proceed straight to functional skills level 2 if you wish to do so but many schools encourage going through all levels. We are here to assist learners in their progression through getting functional skills maths qualifications.