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Numerical Reasoning Tutor – Barclays Blog

Numerical Reasoning Tutor provides market leading resources for numerical reasoning tests. Numerical reasoning tests are used by employers during their application process, most commonly used for graduates scheme roles. Numerical Reasoning Tutor offers excellent online practice tests, designed to give you an idea of the style of questions you will face during your application process. Numerical Reasoning Tutor is also able to provide expert tutors, who have experience and in depth knowledge of the numerical reasoning tests and how best to prepare for them.

Companies such as Barclays use numerical reasoning tests in order to narrow down their applicants to a certain role, in order to filter out applicants that do not meet their required level of mathematical capability. In Barclays case, as they are one of the UK’s largest banks and consequently they receive thousands of graduate scheme applicants a year.

With Barclays being a bank, the importance of being highly capable with numbers is crucial to any role within the company. Therefore, Barclays is able to use numerical reasoning tests to ensure that they are only interviewing the best of their applicants. If you are considering applying for a role with Barclays and will be due to sit the Barclays numerical reasoning test, try our online free practice test or contact Numerical Reasoning Tutor today, to book your expert tutor.