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Terms and Conditions



For the purposes of these terms ‘you’ refers to any user of the Numerical Reasoning Practice Test (NRPT) website; ‘us’ and ‘we’ refers to Complete Tuition Ltd, the owner and provider of the NRPT website and service. By entering our site or by signing up to one of our services you are agreeing to the following terms of service. These terms and your acceptance of them, is in accordance with the law of England and Wales. All updates made to our service will be documented here and users of the site are encouraged to visit this page regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes that are made.


  • We provide free practise tests which can be accessed and used prior to signing up.
  • When signing up you must provide your name, email address and all other details that are asked for.
  • You may not use our tests for anything other than their intended purpose which is to help prepare you for a graduate scheme or job assessment.
  • We are not liable for any loss relating to your use of our service, whether this be directly or indirectly. We take no responsibility for things including but not limited to: Virus’s, data loss, payment errors or any other event which causes loss or damage to you, whilst using our service.
  • We are not in any way responsible for individuals taking the literacy skills test. If you have used our service and have incurred costs whilst doing so, we will not be liable for any of these costs or damages under any circumstance. You use our site and service at your own risk.
  • You should not attempt to access our systems for an illegitimate purpose.
  • There must be no attempt to infect our site or systems with any sort of virus.
  • We offer no guarantees that the service will be uninterrupted and will meet your expectations. In any event, your subscription fee is not refundable.
  • We offer no guarantee that the service will enhance and an individual’s chance of passing their graduate scheme assessment or test relating to any job. We have no responsibility relating to individual people passing any exam, and we are not liable for any costs incurred by people using our service, under no circumstance.


  • All content within the NRPT site has been developed independently for NRPT. We own all rights to this content and do not permit any person or persons to copy, redistribute or use any of our content for anything else other than for the purpose of preparing you for numerical reasoning tests.
  • Our name and brand should not be used on any website or published media without our prior written consent.
  • Under no circumstances are you permitted to sell, copy or redistribute our content or your individual login details.

Tuition services:

  • All tuition agreements are between you and the tutor.
  • If you decide to sign up to a tuition service through our site then you do so at your own risk. We have the necessary measures in place and try our best to ensure tutors who work through our site are suitably qualified and have high pass rates.
  • All tuition is provided by third parties, who are not employed by NRPT.
  • We cannot guarantee that the style of tuition provided will meet your expectations. Where you are unhappy with the tuition provided we encourage you to cancel the tuition with that tutor and report this to us.
  • If you decide to end your tuition, there will never be an instance where a refund will be applied.
  • Any lesson that has been confirmed as booked by your tutor will require at least a 24 hour notice in order for it to be changed/altered/cancelled in any way.
  • Once a lesson (or a package of lessons) has been booked with a tutor, you have three calendar months from the day your payment has been received to complete these lessons. Please be aware, after the three months, if you have any outstanding lesson/s that you have paid for, but have not used, the tutor will be under no obligation to honour these lessons and no refund will be given.
  • Payment for lessons should be made directly to the tutor at the price advertised on our site, unless purchasing the premium package which is completed through the sites secure payment system.
  • All fees must be paid in advance of the lesson.
  • When booking a lesson with a tutor, the tutor can only reserve your time if payment is made soon after your booking. Please make sure you make the payment promptly otherwise the tutor may give your time slot to another student.
  • Under no circumstances does the tuition provided guarantee success in your final numeracy skills test. We and the tutors that provide the tuition, are not liable for any costs you incur relating to your use of NRPT or related services that we operate.


  • Prospective tutors must apply via our online submission form.
  • All tutors must conform to the terms set out on this page but also an additional set of terms.
  • The additional terms relating to our service will be sent to you via email prior to you providing your service through our site. You must be in acceptance of all of our terms before you provide your service through our site.
  • All tutors work as self-employed. We provide a platform for you to sell your services through.

Privacy Policy:

  • We collect all data that you input into our site including name, email address and other personal details. This data is never passed to third parties.
  • Your card details are never stored by our site or shared with any third parties.
  • Signing up to NRPT means you are in acceptance of our privacy policy.
  • We may use your data to help to make changes and improve our service.
  • We will only ever share your information if we are required to by law.
  • We use cookies to help improve our service.
  • Our privacy policy may be updated without notice. All updates will be published on this webpage and when done so, these changes will replace any previous versions of our privacy policy.
  • Please check this page regularly for updates.