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What are functional skills?

What are Functional Skills qualifications?


These are qualifications in maths and English that are a requirement for many Universities and employers around the country. It is a qualification that is equivalent to a GCSE grade C. It is a perfect option for everyone who may have busy schedules juggling everyday life activities but are wanting to proceed to achieve career goals. 


What are Functional Skills qualifications used for?


The maths and English functional skills qualifications are great for getting into certain courses in University. It also opens many opportunities for different kinds of jobs around the country with some employers requiring some form of qualifications that are equivalent to GCSE grade C at the very least. Just a few examples of career paths that you will need these for are nursing, teaching and becoming a part of the police. It certainly is a great qualification to have on your applications. 


Many people also have questions in regards to what the grading system and pass marks are of Functional Skills. This is a pass or fail qualification which means that as long as you get the pass mark or above, you will be awarded with a pass. It may vary from time to time on the exam when it comes to the pass marks but it usually is around 50% – 60%. The system is simple, it is just a matter of you passing successfully.


You can get registered through Ofqual regulated exam centers, with the one we recommend being Pass Functional Skills. You will be given instructions and course materials to give you the best chance of passing with the best preparation. Your certificate will be verified so that you can use it in whatever way you need whether that is for your course or a new job. Here at Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests we want learners to get the best out of their options for qualifications. If you are in need of advice on what to do or if you just want to know more about our services, feel free to get in touch.