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Free Functional Skills Diagnostic Assessment


At numericalreasoningpractisetests,we strive to always offer the best support and help for our learners with their exam needs. We recommended functional skills level 2 exams for adult learners and those who are finishing difficult to achieve a GCSE grade 4. The main reason for this is because there is much less content to learn making [...]

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GCSE Resits


The GCSE results day can be a joyful occasion for many, but for others, it can be devastating. Finding out you didn’t receive the grades you needed in order to get your dream job or go into further education. Many are mistaken in believing that this is the end, that they don’t have a second [...]

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The Multiply Scheme


To earn qualifications is a tough challenge but can be done with the best resources and support available. We at Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests are here to provide you with exactly that. There has been a push to improve adult numeracy recently and we have been part of that push with functional skills maths level [...]

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