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BBC Numerical Reasoning Tests

If you are preparing for one of the many BBC graduate schemes, you will need to know all about the numerical reasoning test you will be required to sit, as part of the application process. We help graduates from every stretch of the country prepare for the BBC numerical reasoning test, so that they can proceed onto the next stage of their application. We offer private tuition, delivered by numerical reasoning tutors, as well as excellent numerical reasoning practice tests, to put you in the best possible position to pass.

The BBC numerical reasoning test is challenging. These psychometric tests involve maths topics that are specifically chosen by the BBC to be difficult for the applicant, in order to test their numerical capability as well as other aptitudes that are tested via the other psychometric tests. The numerical tests involve quick percentage calculations and complex data interpretation; you will need to develop effective methods for solving each and every question. The maths aptitude test has proven to be a stumbling block for many applicants in the past, which is why it is crucial that you revise.

Numerical Reasoning Tutor offers all applicants access to a free numerical reasoning practice test that is in a similar format as the actual exam, before signing up for free to our testing packages which have 11 practice tests to sink your teeth in too. Our practice tests are accompanied by video solutions for each and every question type. If you are preparing for the BBC aptitude tests then give yourself the best chance of passing and use our numerical reasoning practice tests today.

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BBC Numerical Reasoning Test Tutors

At Numerical Reasoning Tutor we are the first professional team of maths tutors to specialise in helping people prepare for and pass the BBC numerical reasoning test. The numerical reasoning tutors we provide are BBC numerical skills test experts, their experience and in depth knowledge of the BBC maths test is unparalleled, which means they are in a much better position to help you pass in comparison to a standard GCSE or A Level Maths tutor. Our specialist tutors will be able to advise you on how best to prepare for each question type, what questions are placed in the tests to trick applicants and how best to conquer them. The test will start to become much easier for you and within only a few lessons you will be ready to sit the numerical reasoning test. Our expert tutors have an impressively high pass rate for first time applicants. This is why we are the number 1 provider of numerical reasoning tests and tuition.

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About the BBC Partnership Graduate Scheme and Psychometric Tests

The BBC graduate scheme is one of the most competitive schemes within the Times Top 100 graduate employers. The BBC has graduate schemes in journalism, technology, production and business support. The application process for the BBC graduate scheme is as follows:

Stage 1: BBC Online Application Form

You will be required to complete an online application, where you will submit your CV and Cover letter.

Stage 2: Situational Judgement Test and Numerical Reasoning Online Assessments

After submitting your application form you will be invited to take a Situational Judgement Test and numerical reasoning test. This depends on the position you have applied for, as there are a large amount of roles, each role has individual online assessments tailored to the specific role.

Stage 3: Interview

If you have passed the online assessments and your CV matches the criteria of the position you have applied for, you will be invited to attend an interview with the line manager of the position you have applied for, along with members of that team.

Stage 5: BBC Decision

If you have been successful at the interview stage you will receive a call to inform you that you will be offered a place within the BBC. If you have not been successful you will receive notification and will be entitled to hear feedback from the BBC.


They are practice aptitude tests that many employers use, including BBC, as part of their graduate scheme selection process. The role in question may require a certain level of mathematical ability which the numerical reasoning exams test, but also certain graduate scheme jobs have too many applications and this is one way to narrow the selection down.

There are a number of different options, including practice tests and tuition. Numerical Reasoning Practice Tests offers the best numerical reasoning practice tests and the best expert numerical reasoning private tutors.

This is very much dependant on the individual BBC graduate scheme role you have applied for. Some BBC roles will have higher pass marks due to certain roles being more popular than others. They have been known to be as high as 75%.

This is very much dependant on the role that the graduate has applied for with the BBC. You should typically expect to sit a numerical reasoning test, an aptitude test and a behavioural test. Not only will you have to sit these during the online assessments sat at home, but certainly with the BBC, you may be required to sit further tests during your assessment centre day.

The BBC graduate scheme numerical reasoning test is unlike any mathematical test you will have previously sat. It includes topics and questions designed to reflect life like data. If you have a strong mathematical background, you are likely to find the BBC numerical reasoning test easier than others, but graduates will have to take into consideration the time constraints of the test.

We have numerical reasoning tutors who have a track record of helping graduates prepare for their numerical reasoning tests.

This will vary from individual to individual and will depend on how rusty your Maths skills are and how high the pass mark is for the specific BBC graduate scheme you are applying to. Most people will need to practise for their exam by going through many numerical reasoning tests online. Others may require a numerical reasoning test tutor to help learn the correct methods for the different types of questions that come up.

Yes, Numerical Reasoning Tutor is able to provide tutors on weekdays, weekday evening and even weekends.


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