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Functional Skills Level 2

At Numerical Reasoning Tutor, we recommend Pass Functional Skills for any fully Ofqual Regulated Functional Skills Exam. They provide both Maths Functional Skills Level 2 and English Functional Skills Level 2 Exam as well as Level 1 for both. 


To prepare for your exam, you can use the revision produced by Pass Functional Skills. There are many resources you can have a go at yourself in and track your progress as you go along.  From circles to 3-D shapes, Pass Functional Skills covers every topic you will need to know, in terms of preparation for your exam, for both English and Maths.


When you are feeling more comfortable and confident in each topic, we would recommend moving on to the Functional Skills Past Papers. These papers give you the best opportunity to mimic the actual exam. By completing the paper in the allotted time given for your exam, as well as the Pass Functional Skills revision prior, could ease a little bit more of the exam stress. If you would like even more papers to dive into, as well as the free past papers included, you can purchase the Maths Practice Papers or the English Practice Papers, to gain the best advantage with the additional materials. These papers are sent in the post to your door. All Pass Functional Skills Papers are created to exam standard but provided to give you as much practice as possible with the variation of questions. 


Pass Functional Skills also recommend the Maths Level 2 Revision Cards and English Level 2 Revision Cards as another approach to your revision. These cards are a quickfire and active way to learn. There are many ways to use the cards, going through the cards, and the cards you get correct are taken out of the stack into a separate pile, and to keep going until there are none left that you haven’t answered correctly. You may find using the cards yourself, you even come up with your own exercises with them.