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Numerical reasoning test business terminology

Whether you are looking to pass a numerical reasoning test for the KPMG graduate scheme, or you are preparing for your BBC graduate scheme, then you will need to know the meaning of different business terms.
At Numerical Reasoning Tutor we have created a glossary of terms of business jargon, from net profit to how to calculate compound interest, everything is covered. We even go into the depths of what different acronyms mean like KPI (key performance indicator) and ROI (return on investment). These business terms for your numerical reasoning test are important knowledge to help you quickly understand the questions which are often within a business context. Once you grasp the key words used then the data being presented becomes more obvious and easier to understand. Because the numerical reasoning tests are already hard enough in terms of the time constraints on the multi-step calculations, don’t make them any harder by not knowing what net profit means. In addition to this, these sorts of terms and acronyms are often used within business and professional environments so they are not a bad thing to learn!