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GCSE Equivalency

GCSE or GCSE equivalents in maths and English is mandatory to apply for any higher educational courses and employers prefer that you have them too. If you are looking at undergoing a graduate scheme, a pass grade in your maths GCSE or equivalent qualification is mandatory.

There are many different types of GCSE equivalents qualifications such as BTEC and NVQ that you could take before apply for a graduate scheme job or you could take the GCSE exams, but you only have to periods during the year that you take them, therefore if you are wanting a GCSE equivalents qualifications soon then there are two main qualifications we recommend.

Functional skills is one of the qualifications that provides English and maths exams. This qualification is beneficial if you receive the level 2 qualification since this is the GCSE equivalent. You can get funding and take these courses at college if you fit the government’s criteria such as being 19 years of age or younger. If you don’t fit the criteria, don’t worry you can sit take the functional skills course but it would be as an independent learner and you won’t have any funding from the government. If the graduate scheme job you are planning on applying to is teacher training, GCSE equivalency tests is the other qualification that we believe is more suited since science and English is covered in the tests.

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact MME who can provide you with resources and information that will be beneficial to you. They can also book the online functional skills exam and find the best price or if you would feel more comfortable sitting the exam at a testing centre, MME can book that instead of the online exam.